Alessandra’s background is in illustration graphic design and visual development.

Alessandra is best known for her editorial work common lifestyle and storyboards.

She started drawing in a very young age. 

When she had 12 years old created musical’s scenography for her school.

Then, she graduated in Illustration at Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Rome.

She is currently teaching in this School since 2014.

Her work has been used on magazines, publishing, books, advertising campaigns, storyboard for films.

Alessandra is a professional when it comes to understanding a client’s brief and her illustrations always leaves to a fresh experience.

She stays within budget and always delivers her illustration on time.

A brief starts by creating a digital black and white sketch where she draws strong deliver lines with some shading and further work of coloring.

Her style is clear and simple yet sophisticated.

Often her illustrations evoke emotions like joy, love, amusement and sweetness.

She worked with client like Barbie, Benylin, Rainforest, PureSalt,

Louis Vuitton, UTI, HCA Healthcare, Aulicus Classics, Ace Gentile, Tenderly

You can follow her on Instagram @alessandralecaselle